DealsPatrol.com is a new way for shoppers to buy online at discounted prices. We aim to work with manufacturers directly in order to provide loyal customer base with better prices and higher quality products.

We can afford to do so simply by cutting out the middlemen such as distributors and wholesalers while selling products from the manufacturer directly to the consumer via our website.

We are confident to say that our consultants go out of there way to find the most comprehensive products on the market at the most amazing prices. We want to create a unique shopping experience for our customers.

We have worked with other online companies in this industry and found that almost all of them got their products from overseas.  Which is fine, but we found that some of them would purchase goods in bulk and store them in a warehouse and would claim they were based in the US and that’s not aligned with our values.

We have built a strong relationship with our suppliers which source our goods from all over the world. We, first of all, made sure that we handpicked our suppliers and that they had great working environments that were in tune with our beliefs.  Secondly, we worked with them to ship directly to our customers.  This has allowed us to use fewer materials, causing less waste, and more importantly bringing our products to our customers directly, allowing us to compete majorly in today’s marketplace.

The only downside is we can’t do next day shipping which is why we ask our customers to be patient for delivery but knowing that in doing so you are using less wasteful materialsand saving yourself money in the process.

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